Inventor of Skinovation, a seamlessly integrated comprehensive approach to total skin transformation, Dangene’s mission is to progressively erase the physical manifestations of aging, environmental damage and chronic conditions, while jumpstarting the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. The immediate effect is a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of the skin; the end result is gorgeous, healthy, highly-functioning skin that glows from head-to-toe.

Dangene realized her passion for transformation and re-imagination at a young age. Having suffered from severe acne, she spent decades of intense research inventing the future of skin care. Dangene created a profound way to treat aging and chronically stressed skin conditions thru a custom-designed, multi-layered, architectural protocol, which delivers profound results. Combining the latest science and state-of-the art, medical-grade, anti-aging technologies — including lasers, LED and Hyperbaric Oxygen, stem cells — with technical artistry; her proprietary methodology is a revolutionary circuit training program.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Dangene continues to strategically grow the The Institute of Skinovation. In collaboration with her business partner, Jennie, they are currently focusing on re-imagining industries through their brands CORE:, d+j design…, and INK.