Get Ready for Spring

    Get Ready for Spring

    As winter’s dark, short, and overcast days gradually become lighter, longer, and sunny, you start to peel off layers of winter sweaters, scarves, hats, and boots, and replace them with tank tops, shorts, sundresses, and sexy sandals…

    But while your mind may dream of the beach, sun, sand, sea air ruffling your hair, and the heady hint of spring, your skin is most likely unprepared for such exposure. Get a head start on shedding your winter skin—dry, scaly, rough, even fragile from being overheated during the months indoors—and come in for some Skinovation attention.

    Nothing is worse for your skin than a long, cold, wet, snowy winter. Low humidity coupled with stuffy, recycled hot air and heat can leave your skin looking dull, dry, rough, even wrinkled, and, worst of all, “crepey.”

    Take a look at your ears, nose, hands, knees, elbows, heels, and toes: they all suffer from a winter hibernating inside. Your feet and legs in particular can suffer greatly from a winter spent in slippers and boots. When our feet and legs are constantly covered up, we tend to neglect them, forgetting to moisturize and ignoring what we don’t see. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for neglected skin to react, becoming dry, dull, flaky, even red and raw.

    However, there is GREAT news: GORGEOUS skin is closer than you think, especially if you start now! Begin with a head to toe SRT (Skin Rejuvenation Treatment) with the Skinovators. Let us custom-design a “WATCH OUT SPRING, HERE I COME!” program just for you, and we’ll get you glowing in time for a radiant spring!