Micro Color Infusion

Whether your issues are cosmetic or corrective, Dominique’s Micro Color Infusion is a remarkably versatile and effective technique for enhancing your features or camouflaging imperfections. On the face, Micro Color Infusion can provide lusher, more defined eyebrows, enhance your eyes with eyeliner, and restore the Cupid’s bow shape to give thin or nonexistent lips a more youthful appearance. Dominique’s technique may also be used to correct stretch marks, surgical scars (e.g., from face lifts and mastectomies) and burns on the face and body as well as to revise receding hairlines. In addition, it can also be used to camouflage hypopigmentation and enhance facial symmetry.

Program Services

Every woman dreams of effortless brows and a luscious pout. Micro Color Infusion ensures brow and lip shape perfection, whether you’re just out of bed or fresh from the gym.

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