LightStim Professional LED Bed Case Study

    LightStim Professional LED Bed Case Study

    We all have issues that we’d like to address if only we had the time. But what’s it like to deal with recurrent illness for years at a time? Take a look at the following case history, concerning a woman who has dealt with many illnesses for over twenty years (on and off), including parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, deep vein thrombosis, and painful rashes that no topical ointment or medication cured. Her journey has been a long one, but she found incredible relief from the LightStim LED therapy, including both the handheld model and the bed. Read on for her story, a sobering look at both the advantages and limits of modern medicine—and a ringing endorsement for LED light therapy!

    Over twenty years, I experienced a number of health problems. In 1996, I contracted giardia and was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. A medication put me into remission and I was symptom free for almost 10 years. However, in 2008, I had shingles, laryngitis, and my colitis started up again. During a hospital stay, I had a pulmonary embolism and a heart attack. A year later, I was back in the hospital for DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) and I had a stroke, then more DVTs. My doctors believed this was related to my colitis and recommended the complete removal of my colon, which I refused.

    In 2010, I developed rashes. First on my stomach, then on my chest and ears. It turned out I had had pneumonia and Epstein Barr. A rheumatologist told me I had osteoarthritis in my left hand, and that I had had hepatitis C. I’ve also been diagnosed with asteatotic eczema, nummular eczema, and psoriasis. The skin rashes reappeared again in 2014, and despite medication, the itching was torture. Ten weeks of XTRAC laser therapy left me with horrible burns. I had Mohs surgery for squamous cell carcinoma on my lower left leg and a biopsy determined I had lichen planus. Another doctor determined I had a bacterial infection and a fungal infection and prescribed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to protect against heart disease, cancer, and stroke. In 2017, I woke up with abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding.

    While waiting to see my doctor, I read March Vogue and saw the story about Dangene and the LightStim bed. I asked the doctor if he thought LightStim therapy would help. He said it couldn’t hurt, and he enthusiastically endorsed Dangene! I made an appointment and began a five week LightStim LED Bed session. The rash had progressed to a dark red/purplish color and it was horribly itchy, but after the first week, there was a huge improvement. After five weeks, there was enormous improvement, with bigger areas that looked like normal skin and absolutely no itching. The early morning sessions also had a great effect on the rest of my day: I found myself being more patient and tolerant.

    I used the hand held LED for pain and inflammation on the weekends, concentrating on the rash on both legs, and I still use it for at least half an hour every night. During my second five week session, the rash area shrank and the color got lighter. My last session was June 30th, and I intended to buy the “2-Panel” model and another 5 week session, but before I could, the rash came back with a vengeance. My dermatologist injected cortisone into the larger spots – very painful – and prescribed two potent steroid creams, both of which may cause lymphoma.

    Using the LightStim bed had an allover beneficial effect – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And, of course, I miss everyone at Dangene, especially Angie and Dangene herself. It’s a great place!

    If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that the LightStim LED bed often succeeds where other protocols may not. In addition, it offers multiple benefits, is completely non-invasive, and is deeply relaxing. Whether you’d like to address specific issues like arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, and muscle fatigue, or reap the all-over improvements to cardiovascular and dermatological health, the LightStim LED bed should be a consistent part of your wellness plan. Call or email us to make an appointment, and discover the LightStim’s LED bed today!