LightStim Instant Visia

    LightStim With Visia Complexion Imaging System

    Have you discovered the wonders of the LightStim LED light therapy yet? In as little as one treatment of the LightStim 2-Panel Anti-Aging Light before and after your treatment, you’ll see your wrinkles diminish. The LightStim LED 2-Panel emits multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously, all of which help stimulate collagen and elastin production, firm and tone aged or tired skin, reduce under eye puffiness and pore size, and restore youthful radiance, as proven by our VISIA complexion imaging system. The VISIA multi-point complexion analysis provides both surface and subsurface data, supplying you with an invaluable tool for assessing current and future skin issues.

    But don’t just take our word for it: make an appointment for VISIA imaging and an LightStim LED session and you’ll get a precise picture of the state of your skin—both before and after! 

    Proven also to reduce inflammation, and increase circulation and production of NO (the “miracle” molecule Nitrous Oxide), LED light therapy is totally non-invasive. When coupled with VISIA, it’s a real-time glimpse into your skin’s future—and how best to care for it! Call 212 249 8172 or email the Institute now, and come in for LightStim VISIA!