LightStim Professional LED Bed

The first LED bed to receive over-the-counter FDA clearance, the LightStim Professional LED Bed is designed to rejuvenate, repair and energize every cell in the body, resulting in total body wellness. Treatment with the LightStim Professional LED Bed is non-invasive, holistic and supported by over 200 medical and university studies showing LED light therapy protects against UV damage, free radicals, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, it can improve post-exercise recovery, promote muscle regeneration and increase circulation.

LightStim advances the LED technology used by NASA for wound healing by harnessing four different therapeutic wavelengths, instead of just one, across 18,240 temperature controlled LEDs. Through the resulting increased production of the miracle molecule, Nitric Oxide, and ATP, known as the energy currency of the body, the LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology not only addresses wrinkles, acne and collagen building but joint pain, inflammation and muscle fatigue as well, further expanding dangene: The Institute of Skinovation’s wellness services beyond skincare.

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