Dangene’s Laser Journey

    In my relentless pursuit of perfection, my skinovators and I have designed a customized, laser-focused Skinovation program. The results have been remarkable, transcending even my rigorous expectations of what is possible.

    As we grow old, our skin is able to retain less and less moisture. When this happens, the body slows down production of both new skin cells and oils. The production of collagen in the body also slows down. Because collagen is the protein which helps the skin stretch and contract, this affects the skin's elasticity. As a result, the skin begins to sag and form wrinkles, particularly fine, crepey lines. You can put makeup on your face, apply expensive creams and serums, have Botox and filler injected, or have plastic surgery. There are a number of things you can do to slow the signs of aging in your face and some parts of your body. But there are certain body parts that will reveal what a dermatologist or plastic surgeon might refer to as your "true biological age," and these include your neck, hands, and feet. Such thin-skinned areas get just as much exposure to the sun and the elements as your face. But even difficult areas can be improved! Read on for a thorough report of the changes I have observed.

    — Dangene

    Dangene’s Laser Journey - Part 1


    The skin around my eyes had acquired fine, crepey lines and darkened, making my eyes look sunken. Crepey skin around the eyes can make you look much older than your age because it resembles the skin on your elbows!

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) once every four weeks: The skin around my eyes has more collagen and elastin. My eyes are less sunken-looking, and the skin around them is lighter and brighter in color. Plus, the fine lines have diminished substantially.


    Believe it or not, even my earlobes were getting wrinkly, thin, and distended from years of wearing earrings.

    USING XD LASER (for scars) every four weeks: My earlobes are tighter, smoother, and far more youthful.


    The skin on my nose had tiny, broken capillaries on and around the sides, plus small brown spots on top.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) once every four weeks: The broken capillaries are completely gone, as are 95% of the brown sun spots.


    My cheeks were a pinkish-red due to small, broken capillaries and a slight case of rosacea.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) once every four weeks: Perfection! The pinkish-red is completely gone, and my cheeks look younger, tighter, and dewy.

    Dangene’s Laser Journey - Part 2

    and Chin

    My jawline looked weaker because the skin around the jaw bone structure was slacker, and my chin had tiny, broken capillaries as well as an orange peel-like texture.

    USING RESURFACING XF on my jawline once every four weeks and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) on my chin once every four weeks: My jawline is tighter and much more defined, the orange peel-like skin on my chin is 90% better, and the small broken capillaries are gone.


    I had sun damage, brown spots, tiny reddish-pink lines (broken capillaries), and wrinkles. In general, the skin lacked that collagen-enriched, youthful glow.

    USING RESURFACING XF OR XD AND IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for brown spots and capillaries once every five weeks: Now, my chest area is gorgeous! The brown and red spots are gone, as are the wrinkles. My formerly lackluster skin is much improved and it glows!!


    After years of sun exposure, relentless pressure from regular purse-wearing, a bad fall, and a broken shoulder, my shoulders had broken capillaries and sprinkles of tiny, brown sun spots.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) WITH TCA ACID once every six-eight weeks: My broken capillaries are gone, as are the annoying brown spots.


    My arms were acquiring more and more crepey wrinkles and brown spots. In addition, the skin had become far looser than ever before.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) WITH TCA ACID once every five weeks: The crepiness has improved by 50%, the brown spots are almost gone, and the loose skin is at least 70% firmer.


    Hands and wrists are particularly vulnerable to wrinkles and dryness as we age, due to both the decreased production of collagen and elastin, and the constant exposure to the elements, which causes them to acquire crepey wrinkles, brown scars, and scars.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) WITH TCA ACID OR XD once every five weeks: My hands look ten years younger – the wrinkles are 75% better, the brown spots are gone, and the collagen and elastin are 75% improved.

    Dangene’s Laser Journey - Part 3


    My skin had lost elasticity from years of tanning.

    USING RESURFACING XD (for tightening and lines) once every five weeks: The skin on my stomach is tighter and firmer.


    My inner thighs had gotten to a bad place where I didn’t even recognize them--LOL! In fact, the skin on my tight, fit legs had been replaced by an odd, looser skin I did not like.

    USING RESURFACING XD (for tightening) once every six-eight weeks: AMAZING RESULTS!!! I would say my inner thighs are 75% better.


    Unfortunately, knees are like inner thighs and elbows in that they tend to sag and get wrinkly.

    USING RESURFACING XD (for tightening and lines) once every six-eight weeks: My knees are a good 60% better, tighter and far more youthful looking.


    Also slightly wrinkled, they had a few brown spots.

    USING IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) once every six-eight weeks: I have smoother looking skin, fewer wrinkles and the brown spots are gone.