Introducing the Somadome, a remarkable, new piece of technology designed to make meditation and relaxation available to anyone with twenty minutes to spare. A carefully designed pod, like a mini-sanctuary, offers LED light therapy in a comfortable LED Light, illuminated dome that gives the illusion of infinite space. Lined with special ceramic tiles that block out EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies), the Somadome comes with a diverse program of various Binaural Beat Meditations. Binaural Beat Meditations help guide your mind into a meditative state, and you can choose a meditation either with or without verbal guidance.

    Twenty minutes to relax and to reap the benefits of meditation: decreased anxiety, stress, and tension, plus increased focus, calm, and serenity. Whether you’re in need of a cleansing, calming oasis of peace, or whether you want to experience the physical and mental benefits of guided meditation, make an appointment at the Institute of Skinovation and experience the Somadome.

    Even if you have never been able to meditate on your own, the Somadome provides a comfortable, soothing environment in which to guide your mind on a twenty minute meditation. Choose from a selection of programs and give your mind and body a restorative, refreshing reset.


    • Comfortable, LED light therapy dome is soothing and gives the illusion of infinite space
    • Binaural Beat Meditations offer meditations with or without verbal guidance
    • Microcrystalline tiles block EMF (electromagnetic frequency waves) 



    • Provides an immersive, relaxing meditation experience in a mere twenty minutes 
    • Meditation is proven to relieve stress and anxiety
    • Meditation can also lower blood pressure, sharpen mental acuity, and decrease insomnia, thus strengthening the immune system