Is your busy fall schedule leaving you run down and over-stressed? Give yourself a daily boost of energy, improved digestion and at night calm your adrenals and get a good night's sleep with Paul Kempisty’s AM + PM Tonics. 

    Read below for the ingredient list.



    • Supports strong Connective tissue, hair skin and nails 
    • Promotes Circulation, vascular integrity, varicose veins
    • Improves Mental focus, clarity, memory and anti anxiety effect 
    • Promotes health liver and kidney function 

    Privet fruit:

    • Supports optimal liver and kidney function 
    • Contains healthy essential fatty acids 
    • Supports healthy eye and ear function 
    • Controls blood sugar & blood lipids and blood pressure 
    • Reproductive health 
    • Immune stimulation                  

    Eucommia bark:

    • Very nourishing herb, relieves fatigue 
    • Supporting Connective tissue
    • Strengthening Joints and low back area 
    • Supports healthy Adrenal function 
    • & Immune function 
    • Controls blood pressure. 

    Salvia root:

    • Microcirculation, prevents clots 
    • Reduces fibrosis and scar tissue 
    • Beneficial effects on cholesterol and blood pressure 
    • Promotes good liver and kidney function 
    • Promotes sound sleep 
    • Treats acne 
    • Inhibits multiple cancer types 


    • Microcirculation, inflammation, pain and injuries 
    • Reduces fibrosis and scar tissue 
    • Beneficial effects on cholesterol and blood pressure  
    • Anti histamine and anti allergy effect 
    • Promotes brain health

    Frankincense (boswelia)

    • Wound healing and anti inflammatory
    • Inflammatory bowel and digestive issues 
    • Asthma and allergies 
    • Depression, anxiety, mental focus


    • Anti inflammatory 
    • Has anti parasite & anti microbial effects
    • Promotes healthy detoxification
    • Supports respiratory health and expectoration of phlegm
    • Promotes bowel health 
    • Has a calming effect on the nerves


    • Anti inflammatory 
    • Contains high concentration of resveratrol
    • Promotes healthy detoxification and bowel function
    • Inhibits multiple cancer types and supports immune function 
    • Anti viral and anti bacterial
    • Anti inflammatory for arthritis 

    Albizzia bark:

    • Literally translates as the bark of happiness 
    • Helps with Anxiety, depression, creative reasoning
    • Promotes healthy oxytocin levels for facilitating emotional connectivity and bonding 
    • Supports parasympathetic nervous system 
    • Promotes healthy sleep 


    • Broad spectrum anti viral, anti microbial, anti biotic effects 
    • Reduces fevers 
    • Used for gastritis
    • Inhibits multiple cancer types 
    • Anti inflammatory 
    • Helps with acne
    • Supports healthy liver and kidney function  

    Astragalus root

    • Promotes good energy and endurance
    • Supports good digestive functions 
    • Supports immune function, and bone marrow production of blood cells 
    • Improves energy, metabolism and concentration
    • Supports cardio vascular health, liver and kidney function 
    • Controls blood sugar 


    • Supports good digestion and bowel function 
    • Supports healthy joints and arthritis
    • Able to chelate health metals and other toxins from tissue and blood 
    • Anti microbial, anti biotic effects
    • Inhibits Lyme disease pathogen 

    Magnolia bark

    • Anti anxiety and calming effect
    • Helps with healthy bowel function and bloating
    • Reduces excessive mucus, congestion and reduces coughing and antibiotic effects
    • Promotes healthy smooth muscle and reproductive function 
    • Lowers high blood pressure
    • Muscle Relaxant

    Schizandra berry

    • Very protective of liver function and able to restore lost function in damaged livers
    • Anti anxiety effect 
    • Promotes good sleep
    • Promotes circulation 
    • Promotes stamina and endurance
    • Also used for asthma, regulating bowel and urinary function

    Polygons root

    • Very nourishing tonic herb
    • Promotes health blood levels and hemoglobin 
    • Supports immune function 
    • Supports healthy hair skin and nails 
    • Promotes healthy bowel movements 
    • Useful for anxiety and nervousness 
    • Improves function of reproductive glands 

    Tulsi Aka Holy basil 

    • Great for controlling stress and anxiety 
    • An adaptogenic herb that calms and energizes simultaneously 
    • Anti microbial & anti bacterial effects 
    • Reduces fevers 
    • Promotes wound healing
    • Anti oxidant & supports healthy clear skin 
    • Promotes cardiovascular health and reduces cholesterol and blood sugar