Asian Skin

    Shades of You - Asian

    Q: How is Asian skin different from Caucasian skin and other darker skin types?

    Asian skin is the hardest to work on because it is very stubborn. One brown spot that might require four treatments on Caucasian skin may take months of treatment on Asian skin.

    Q: Asian skin contains melanin. What does that mean exactly?

    Everyone has melanin in their skin. Melanin is what makes up the brown in our bodies, so depending on how much melanin you have, determines whether you have a lighter or darker complexion.

    Q: Does the body scar differently on a person with a darker complexion?

    Yes, both the amount of trauma and melanin in the skin cause different types of scarring in people with darker complexions.

    Q: Is it true that Asian skin is more prone to sensitivity? Why?

    Asian skin does not react well to most treatments due to its hypersensitivity. You need lots of time to treat the skin's problems - more time than most other skin types.

    Q: What would be a good moisturizer for all skin types?

    Out of the products we carry, the dangene Serum, the dangene Light Primer and the ABO Blood Serum by Circ-Cell are all helpful in moisturizing your skin.

    Q: Is it harmful to use lightning creams on Asian skin?

    When used properly it is not harmful to use lightening creams on Asian skin. It will not harm their skin as long as it's used as directed.