Age Optimization

    dangene, an Alternative to Plastic Surgery

    "Skin is the largest organ on the human body and most people spend the least amount of time paying attention to it.”  –Dangene

    A French poet said, “May we age like fine wine, and not like strawberries.” There are many things in life we can’t control, but at the Institute of Skinovation, we believe how you age is up to you. The modern world offers a lot of dubious curatives and procedures, but we don’t think you have to have plastic surgery to look your best self. In fact, at the Institute of Skinovation, we consider ourselves the Institute of Age Optimization.

    "Good skin care is about the quality of your skin. Plastic surgery is about the excess of your skin.”  –Sharon

    Age Optimization is about looking your best at every age and every stage of your life. It means doing what is appropriate and effective according to your age, including regular maintenance of your skin, which is, after all, your biggest organ and first line of defense.

    Youth and kids:
    While it’s never too late to start caring for your skin (we visit the dentist, the doctor, and the hair salon regularly from an early age and skin is just as important!), starting young gives you a head start. If your children go out in the sun or suffer from acne, rosacea, or other skin issues, bring them in once or twice a year for treatment, tune-ups and a thorough education on skin care. 

    In your 20s:
    In your early 20s, begin with microdermabrasion, TCA, oxygen and peels. With regular treatments, the Skinovators can keep your skin in the best shape possible. If you start Botox and fillers at the same time, you can manage your face’s contours gently, preventing aging.

    In your 30s and beyond:
    No matter what your age now, one day you’ll look in the mirror and think, “Good lord, I’m getting old!” But it’s never too late to make effective changes. dangene is the best solution if you want to avoid plastic surgery, as the Institute will maintain your youth and beauty much longer than you can on your own. 

    Think of the Institute as the Mayo Clinic for your skin; as your favorite gym with the gentlest, kindest and most rigorous personal trainers; as your best coach who is always on your team, helping you look your youngest, most beautiful self.

    Wishing you happiness, laughter, and glow,

    Dangene and the Skinovators