Liquid Facelift With Heather Thomson

    As seen on TV’s The Real Housewives of NYC

    Heather Thomson, one of The Real Housewives of NYC, came to us with several concerns about her skin. While wanting to look more rested and refreshed, Heather also wanted to retain her natural appearance. She did not want to look like she had had “work done.” Accordingly, her facial injectable rejuvenation was done in small, incremental steps.


    Dr. Al-Misky's Notes:

    On 12/2/ 17: I started with Botox to relax the muscles in her forehead and around the eyes. Using Botox allows the skin to repair itself. In fact, fine lines and early wrinkles can be reversed by regular Botox use.

    Voluma, a hyaluronic filler, was used to build up lost volume in the cheeks. Following precise markings, drawn from facial landmarks, the filler is placed with precision in order to create the most projected point on the upper cheek structure.

    On 12/19/17: Juvederm Ultra was used to soften the nasolabial folds but not to eliminate them. It was also used in the chin crease. 

    Restylane Silk was used to lighten the skin under the eyes. It was placed using a cannula.

    On 2/10/17: Volbella was used on the lips to give them a healthier and more hydrated appearance.

    On 2/24/17: Botox was injected again, as it only lasts approximately 3-4 months on most people.