Liquid Facelift With Judy Kidd

    Liquid Facelift With Judy Kidd

    Judy is 50 years old and complains of looking tired even after a good night’s sleep. She thinks that she looks much older than she feels. Here are the details of her Liquid Facelift.

    Forehead and Eyes: Botox is wonderful, not only for smoothing out deep lines, but also for creating a beautiful brow lift to help you look bright-eyed and more youthful. To create this effect, it must be injected judiciously, into a precise area within the facial muscles. For Judy, Botox was only injected into the muscles between her brows and at the corners of her eyes to create the brow lift. Because she has what are commonly called “hooded” eyelids, too much Botox in her forehead could exacerbate the issue.

    Cheeks: Voluma or Restylane Lyft are both excellent hyaluronic acid fillers that help restore fullness to your cheeks. This is especially important because as we age, we not only lose our natural hyaluronic acid but the bones in our cheeks also thin out. Our cheek bones are the scaffolds that hold up the skin of the face. By putting fillers on top of the cheekbones, we build up this scaffolding, which pulls everything back up, thus lessening the deep folds of our laugh lines.  

    For Judy we used 2 syringes of Voluma to restore cheek fullness.  

    Laugh lines: When Restylane first came out nearly 20 years ago, its targeted treatment area was the nasolabial fold, or laugh lines. But overfilling this area led to highly unusual-looking and superficial protuberances that almost resembled chimp-like features. Overfilling this area should strictly be avoided, but a few drops at the top of the laugh lines, just outside of the nostrils, considerably softens laugh lines. In fact, the goal is to soften these lines, not fill them.

    For Judy, a small, judicious amount of Juvederm Ultra Plus was placed just at the top of the laugh lines right outside the nostril area. 

    Corners of her mouth: The downturn at the corners of Judy’s mouth made her look sad. Juvederm Ultra Plus restored structure to her mouth area, and bringing up the corners  erased the sad expression. I find that this area is the most complicated to restore, and the best way to accomplish it is by using a cross-hatching technique with the filler.

    For Judy, we lifted this area with two syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus.  

    Chin: I give Dangene's fine-tuned aesthetic sense full credit for this technique: placing just a small amount of Juvederm Ultra Plus under the crease of the chin softens the crease and eliminates that "jutting" chin appearance.  

    Lips: Volbella is my favorite go-to filler for the lips because it rejuvenates without adding any significant volume. This product was FDA approved in October of 2016, and has been flying off the shelf ever since.  An amazing and subtle product, it rejuvenates your lips, making them look like the lips you had in your 20s through precise, careful, and even injection.  

    For Judy, one syringe of Volbella was evenly distributed to her vermillion border as well as to the wet-to-dry border of her lip mucosa to restore her upper lip. A small amount of Juvederm Ultra Plus was used on the lower lip to help restore the corners of her mouth.